Filters cyclone-type

The water to be filtered enters via the inlet connector tangentially to the cylindrical body, it falls on the acceleration cone and increases more and more speed - The centrifugal force that is created by separating 'water the suspended solids with higher specific weight .
A separation occurred the filtered water is conveyed into the outlet manifolds, while the impurities descend into the collecting tank where, special deflectors shall reset the speed preventing the ascent. The contaminant is removed drenandolo continuously or in time through the discharge valve.


• For the protection of installations in which circulates industrial or domestic water.
• For the protection of closed or open circuits of hot and cold water, cooling systems (in particular of the spray nozzles and the evaporating bodies).
• For protection of the gland, the labyrinth seals and clutch rings Carbon mechanical seals for pumps and turbines.
• To protect hydraulic equipment, measurement equipment and control and chemical plants for dell 'water treatment.



• Fully automatic and self-cleaning separator filter.
• Filtration and separation continues even during the purge step.
• Flow: 15 to 2,300 m3 / h. per flow rates up to 20 m3 / h can provide the individual cyclones "PROTECTION DOUCET" cast iron, which separate vat particles 40 microns. These devices are mounted directly on the water pipe and have a small footprint.
• Compact design: diam. of from 500 to 1,700 mm body; height from 1.000 to 5000 mm.
• Filtering degree: 30 to 50 microns.
• maximum impurity load: 80 g / I.
• Maximum size of incoming impurities: 2 - 3cm for the Mixed Group, 8- 10 mm for the Standard Group
• limited consumption of raw water purge: about 3%
• Maximum operating temperature: 65 ° C
• Standard pressure: PN 10
• Minimum operating pressure: 2 bar
• Pressure drop: 3-5 m CA.

Possibility of recovery of separated materials (eg .: sand, coal, minerals)
The "centrifugal separation Groups" are normally supplied complete with:

• metal housing with internally mounted cyclones and filter candles (for the mixed group)
• Electric control panel.
• Solenoid valves and gate valves.
• 2 pressure gauges, pressure switch 1.

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