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UV sterilization

The ultraviolet rays are light energy in very short wavelength. By means of special quartz lamps, containing mercury vapor at low pressure, we can produce ultraviolet radiation of constant wavelength and controlled. The ultraviolet rays emit radiation of 2537 angstroms, corresponding to the optimum wavelength for destroying the organic nucleus of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae or molds present in the water.



The water enters the disinfection chamber in stainless steel are where, protected by a special quartz casing, they are housed the lamps that radiate ultraviolet rays at high intensity. Once inside, the water instantly undergoes the irradiation of ultraviolet. Such irradiation is prolonged by the particular shape of the hydraulic circuit through which the water flows.
The prolongation of exposure of water to ultraviolet rays is necessary to obtain a total killing of microorganisms.
And 'it demonstrated that the irradiation of ultraviolet energy to dosing and at appropriate wavelength eliminates bacteria and viruses to the water 99.99%.