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Water of common use, both civil and industrial, are present in liquid form the encrusting calcium and magnesium salts normally defined "WATER HARDNESS."
The water softeners contain the ion exchange resins to transform the encrusting salts in the neutral salts do not encrusting. The water thus obtained is currently referred to as: "SOFTENED WATER".

The softened water prevents the formation of calcareous incrustations in all equipment and pipes, in which at low temperatures is also heated as:

- Cooling towers;
- Air conditioning;
- Dishwasher;
- Washing machines;

and more sharply in heating boilers or steam. The absence of scale deposits reduces the cost of operation and maintenance. All implants are made of duplex FDT SKlD, wired electrically and hydraulically connected, pre-tested at our. establishment, practically ready for operation