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fdt srl

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Mixed beds

fdt Ltd mixed-bed demineralizers are constituted by a single column containing the cationic and anionic resins mixed together during operation. The result of this process is a production of water having extremely high ionic purity characteristics equal to 0.1 ÷ 0.2 mS.

The mixed bed demineralizers are installed normally after a demineralization plant resins or reverse osmosis.


Neutralization eluates

The purpose of the system is the neutralization of acids and alkali discharges from demineralization plants that are made to flow into a storage tank where, in the middle of the pump, are mixed together. Via a pH-meter, which detects the pH value thus obtained, it has the consent, to means metering pump, to inject neutralizing the product. reached the neutralization, the pH-meter from the consent to the emptying of the tank and to the release into sewer with the same recirculation pump

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