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Reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis is a process of "filtration by means of semipermeable membranes".
This process allows starting from salt water to produce pure water, in fact, by exerting a pressure greater than the osmotic cancels the natural tendency that have two solutions at different concentration, in the presence of semi-permeable membrane, the pure water to migrate towards that salt.

Its main application is the filtration of saline waters, whether of aqueduct or well water, for the production of high quality demineralized water.
The reverse osmosis is also applied in the treatment of wastewater for the partial recycling of the same.
The reverse osmosis systems are extremely versatile, with modular flow depending on the capacity required.
Through "two-stage process", it is also possible to produce ultrapure water. The main application of reverse osmosis is the deionization OF PRIMARY WATERS.



Compared to traditional systems demineralization with ion-exchange resins, Reverse Osmosis has considerable advantages:

• Low operating costs
• No use of chemicals
• High process reliability
• Only routine maintenance
• Total removal of organic substances
• Removal of all microorganisms (bacteria free water)
• Exhaust completely neutral and free of substances to pretreat.


These systems are designed to be used in continuous and intensive need situations. Designed to be installed in hot environments also arise regarding the restructuring electrical components according to actual system requirements.

All general components is made of stainless steel AISI 316 L and thus the homogeneity of employees eliminates the phenomenon of corrosion materials. The plants are much appreciated for their reliability, simple maintenance nonetheless the system is still protected with all the necessary alarms that stop the machine in case of maneuvering errors or in case of anomalies and signals immediately on the alarm panel the cause.

Each plant is accompanied by most of the range osmotic membranes equipped with an exhaust system that in case of anomalies of a membrane offers the possibility during the operating phase to be excluded without interrupting production, it will have therefore a decrease in production but not you will need to stop the desalination resulting in a very important advantage.

For desalination there are no limits of application: a technology specialist turns them into custom installations, regardless of size, standard, intended end use, site

Water purification

The water purification is a treatment to make the water suitable for human consumption. To achieve this, the transfer function produces a wide range of standard equipment that are opportunely assembled on skid for easy installation and use.
The implants are designed to deguito of appropriate analysis water to be treated, so to define the type of the most appropriate treatment


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