Chemical products

The number of FDT chemicals plant comes from the experience gained and as a complementary service to the supply and management of systems.

prodotti chimici

Products range

• Corrosion inhibitors and dispersants (to remove incrustations and deposits from piping, heat exchangers, filters of the wells, underground and hanging tanks)
• Specific anti-fouling and dispersant for the protection of plant membranes reverse osmosis by encrustations and deposits
• Service products, the efficiency conservation and rehabilitation of the osmotic membranes.
• antiscalant and dispersant to prevent the formation of scale and deposits in cooling towers or evaporative condensers.
• Corrosion to be used as water features predominantly corrosive and pH treatments controlled.
• Additives completely closed circuits, freezing waters circuits, etc. where priority is the prevention of corrosion and that of deposits / biological proliferation.
• specific Biocides and broad spectrum of action to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, algae or fungi.
• oxygen scavengers, alkalizing, anti-scale for the protection of steam generators and steam-condensate circuit.
• Products comply with FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) when the steam comes into contact with food

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