Plants in containers

The construction site of machinery and technological systems is critical for companies that want to compete globally and want to offer their plants abroad in the global market.

Feasibility study and indoor / outdoor layout
Both the internal configuration of the container and external devices are studied from time to time according to the specific needs of the customer.




Already being offered fdt Ltd. shall carry out a feasibility study, through the preparation of a preliminary design developed based on data provided by the Client, highlights:

• the location of different equipment inside the container;
• the number and the position of the doors;
• the size and position of the air passage openings;
• the size and location of the internal separation walls apt to create local dedicated to the segregation of paintings or other accessories.

The advantages of containerisation systems are manifold:
Measures: you can conform to standard measures accepted worldwide.
Robustness: the container has a sturdy steel structure welded self-supporting and is likely to be moved by means of the corner blocks and raised with all interior equipment, even the heaviest.
Portability: the use of containers also allows frequent moves by truck, rail and ship
Safety: The containers are certified by organizations such as Rina attesting to its safety for the handling and transport.
Design: thanks to modelling in AutoCAD you can design the interior, frames, doors, grills etc. We can build containers with special measures
Ventilation: can be mounted on the walls of the container our special grids in galvanized steel or aluminium with ribbed and inclined fins at 40 ° and with an anti-insect mesh lining. On the racks you can install the filters.
Insulation: thanks to the internal insulation, you can create an environment that can be air-conditioned by conditioners can dissipate the heat produced internally.
Dislocation Storage: The containers are stackable.
Safety: The containers are certified by organizations such as Rina attesting to its safety for the handling and transport.


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