Degassing plant

The water for the feeding of the thermal and thermoelectric power plants must be degassed, thus devoid of gas dissolved in it such as: oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.

The most practical way to achieve this result is to heat that is based on the principle of water boiling at the operating temperature.
For the gas separation it is necessary that the water reaches the maximum free surface of expansion before and during the heating by rain or spray system.
The physical-thermal getter ns. production to optimize the increase of the water surface provides both the spray system and, in cascade, sprinklers plates system , with variable water velocity from 15 to 25 m3 / m2 a.c.
The degassed water with this system assumes a value of gas dissolved residue limit of 0.02 ppm c.



fdt srl produces two types of standard getters:

- "With turret" type dishes with sprinklers plates system
- "Spry" type with automatic spray nozzles.

The execution is scheduled with PED or similar testing for pressures greater than 1.5 ATA and atmospheric pressures below 1.5 ATA

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