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The process consists in driving equi-current the orange juice through a filtering bed which consists of absorbent resin. The latter has little spheres.
The physical- chemical structure of these resins allows the selective fixing og bog organic molecules (for example limonin) which cause colour and taste of peel extract.
The absorption happens because of the resins porosity without chemical reaction and the chemical characteristics of the orange juice aren’t changed.


The iron separator / manganese - removing filter has the function to remove iron and manganese dissolved in the water in the form of salts.
It consists of a cylindrical tank containing the filter material Dital-M (pyrolusite).
The water to be treated is oxygen-saturated charge ejector which sucks filtered air from the atmosphere and subsequently passes through the filter bed Dital-M and undergoes the oxidation of iron and manganese, which precipitate to the filter bed which has the catalytic properties in concerns oxidative action.
After treating a given volume of water (cyclic flow), or when the oxidative capacity of Dital-M is exhausted, the bed must be regenerated; after which the filter is ready to start a new cycle.


Features of the system series:• Quality steel construction welded to the upper and lower bottoms, completed Supports.
• Internal protection provided by layer epossidoico antacid or galvanizing bath.
• External protection with two coats of red lead and painting.
• Distributors higher water.
• lower Distributors impediment output filter material.
• Control battery regeneration and full exercise of external and internal pipes in PVC or galvanized steel.


• duplex systems.
• supporting metal skid.
• Operation Automatic or semi-automatic.
• Starting up the gear.
• sterility dosing station.

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